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  • Greetings Sparrowmaster,

    Just reviewed some of your latest edits, and I feel I should point out that adding new categories are against the POTC Wiki guidelines. Particularly these two notes that are found within the FAQ page...

    3. Do not create categories unless approved by an administrator (they may end up deleted).
    4. Do not add more than a few isolated categories unless you check with an administrator. Always check similar pages before adding a category. If a category is not on a similar page DO NOT add it.

    For future reference, I would suggest looking over all the Wiki guidelines (which have been given to you) before making more edits so as to not risk breaking them or having them reverted again. Keep to the Code! :)

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  • Ahoy, Sparrowmaster!

    Psst! Avast there! It be too late to alter course, mateys...

    Welcome to the Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki, a site dedicated to be an encyclopedia relating the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. This be the best source for all manner of common knowledge of the world of Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Thanks for your edit to the Pintel page. I hope you enjoy contributing to our work here. For starters, here are a few useful links for newcomers:

    If you have any questions or discussion-related topics you wish to raise, visit the Brethren Forum. Please remember that you should sign all comments on talk and vote pages with four tildes (~~~~) to create your signature. You can bring up any problems or questions on my message wall.

    Time to set sail and Keep to the Code!

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