"Scrum. Why is there a glass coffin?"
"Do I look like a man in charge?
Jack Sparrow and Scrum[src]

This glass coffin was fashioned by Blackbeard's zombies to carry the mermaid they needed for the Profane Ritual to the Fountain of Youth. It was made as mermaid tears, a required item for the ritual, don't keep; they had to be harvested fresh.


Made by Blackbeard's zombies, the coffin was made during the Queen Anne's Revenge's crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from England. When Blackbeard's pirates captured the mermaid Syrena at Whitecap Bay, they put her in the coffin. Because mermaid tears didn't keep, as they must be harvested fresh, the crew had to carry Syrena in the coffin throughout their journey to the Fountain. But after one of the carriers, Yeoman, accidentally tripped, the coffin broke.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The coffin was referred to many names. It was referred to as the "glass coffin" in On Stranger Tides[1], and as a "Mermaid tank" in the film's visual guide.[2] In various displays for On Stranger Tides costumes and props, the coffin was displayed as the "Mermaid Coffin".[3]



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