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Dark Teacher


Dark Teacher

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Animist band

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Pirates of the Caribbean (game)

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Pirates of the Caribbean (game)


Destroyed by the Victory

"The black frigate. It's no ship of mine. In fact, it sank one of my barques, and three of my men were lost in the jungle."
Alistair Garcilaso to Nathaniel Hawk[src]

The Mefisto was a frigate captained by the Dark Teacher. She was used by a band of animists in carrying out the operation of kidnapping several children from Douwesen island for a mysterious dark, ancient ritual.


Around the year 1630, a cult of animists utilized the ship in sowing chaos and fear in the Caribbean, sinking at least one ship, a barque owned by Alistair Garcilaso. She was mainly used to transport kidnapped children from the Dutch colony, Douwesen, to a large cavern near the shores of Isla Muelle.

The ship was encountered and battled by Captain Nathaniel Hawk after he took down the gang of animists in their lair in a cave near the beach of Isla Muelle. The warship viciously attacked Nathaniel's ship, the Victory, but was defeated. Nathaniel either destroyed or boarded and captured her, finally ending the reign of the devil-worshipping cult in the Caribbean and rescuing the kidnapped children.

Design and AppearanceEdit

A fast and powerful frigate, the Mefisto was one of the most fearsome warships Nathaniel Hawk ever faced. She was unusually agile and quick for a ship of her class, somehow like the Black Pearl. She also had the typical armament of a frigate, carrying 44 24-pounder cannons, making her a deadly opponent. Probably to intimidate their enemies, or to symbolize their dark agenda, the animists seem to have painted her hull black, with a few red stripes

The Mefisto served no colonial power; she was essentially a pirate ship, hostile to all other ships in the archipelago.

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