This article is about the piece of metal used as a fashion accessory. You may be looking for the Aztec Gold medallion.

Elizabeth Swann wearing an Aztec Gold medallion around her neck.

"Barbara, Barbara, I'm sorry. You've been amazing."
"I know, and I think I deserve a little appreciation, that's all."
do appreciate it. The entire East India Trading Company will thank you for it. Why, you'll probably get a medal."
"I'd rather have some new perfume.
Benedict Huntington and Barbara Huntington[src]

A medal, or medallion, was a small, flat, and round (or, at times, oval) piece of metal that has been sculpted, molded, cast, struck, stamped, or some way marked with an insignia, portrait, or other artistic rendering. In the proper use of the term, medallions were larger, starting at perhaps four inches across, and were, as such, usually too large to be worn very comfortably, though in colloquial use, "medallion" was sometimes used to refer to a medal used as the pendant of a necklace or for other types of medals.



James Norrington wears a medal of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath.

Over the course of history, medals were usually awarded to a person or organization as a form of recognition for military or various other achievements. At some point before his promotion to the rank of Commodore, James Norrington was awarded with the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath medal, probably for his successful campaigns against pirates in the Caribbean.[1] The infamous pirate Jolly Roger always wore a medal on his coat, but it is more than likely he stole the coat, along with the medal, from someone else.[2]

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