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"I'm a pirate, Jack. The cruellest one on the Seven Seas."
―Mary Bonny to Jack Sparrow[src]

Mary Bonny was a female pirate who operated on the Seven Seas during the Golden Age of Piracy.


Not much is known about Mary Bonny's early life, except that she chose the pirate life and managed to become captain of her own ship. At some point during her career, she learned about the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow, the captain who possessed a magical compass.[1]

One day, her crew raised a mutiny against her. The mutineers took control of the ship, and left Mary in the middle of the sea in a small boat. Some time later, during the storm, she encountered Jack Sparrow's ship, the Black Pearl. She pretended to be unconscious, and Jack's pirates took her onboard. Later, when she "woke up" in Jack's captain's cabin, she tried to secretly steal his compass, but he easily stopped her.[1]

Now engaged in a fierce duel, they ended up on the main deck. As she managed to disarm Jack, he threw the two dices from the game he played a few hours hours earlier. As she caught the dices, she saw two ones, and the giant sea serpent, magically attracted by the dices, rocked the ship and swallowed Mary. However, she managed to survive, and ended up on a deserted island the next day, promising to take revenge on Jack.[1] Her further fate is unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • It is possible that Mary Bonny was named after Mary Read, and Anne Bonny, two famous female pirates.


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