Captain Walter
The Marceline Guild
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Captain Walter


Captain Xavier Hench

Notable members

Captain Walter
Captain Xavier Hench
Ben Bowman
Catherine Harcourt
James Howe
Rose Winsome
Roberta Roberts
Ruby Wynn
Sir Charles Newgate
Sir Victor Mayhew
Thatch Roberts
Sandra Tew
Anne Lowe


Black Shark
Shadow Rogue
Bountyhunter Raptor
Crimson Trident
Renegade Queen
Tide Pillager
Dark-water Rogue
Dark Raider
Blue Fish
Storm Runner
Vagrant Sabre
Star-chaser Executioner
Crimson Queen
Silver Eel
Red Albatross
Vagrant King
Gunwale Explorer
Crimson Albatross


Caribbean Sea

Other information

Brethren Court

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Latest appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

The Marceline Guild was a pirate guild under the leadership of Captain Walter and later Captain Xavier Hench, in the Caribbean. They represented a unified force of "good" pirates, against the East India Trading Company and Jolly Roger's Army.

War of Jolly RogerEdit

It is unknown when the guild was first formed, but by the 1740's, Marceline was under the leadership of a pirate named Walter. The guild consisted of thirteen captains, each commanding their own crews and ships. This particular union created a sort of natural militia-like fleet to defend pirate-controlled islands like Tortuga and Cuba. Following the death of Captain Walter, Xavier Hench took control of the guild. Marceline was the primary faction that headed the campaign against Jolly Roger during his war.

During the Battle of Raven Cove, the ranks of the Marceline suffered from heavy casualties. Though the battle went in the buccaneer's favor, only a handful of the guildmembers survived in the end. The surviving members, though not officially disbanding the group, went underground and left the ambiguous pirates of the region virtually unprotected. They still managed to pull through though, presumably under the newly assumed and self-imposed defacto leadership of Captain Jack Sparrow.

By war's end, not much had been heard from the remnants of the Marceline. The remaining members either remained in exile, rebuilt the guild, or continued to piratically operate independently.


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