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Ponce de León's map of Fort San Miguel.

"You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters!"
Hector Barbossa to Jack Sparrow[src]

A map was a visual representation of an area or territory, whether real or imaginary; a diagram of components of an item. Maps were used to search for various treasures as well as certain places.


"I shall have a look at that map, if it's what I fear..."
Jack Sparrow[src]

There were many types of maps throughout history, including naval charts and treasure maps. Some maps showed the entire world, like the world map in Lord Cutler Beckett's office.[1] Sao Feng's navigational charts, known as the Mao Kun Map, was used to lead its reader to find places of the supernatural.[2] The dates and distances could change and mislead the traveler who uses the map unwisely.[3] Aboard the stranded Santiago, the skeletal figure of Ponce de León could be seen lying in his bed while peering at a map of San Miguel with a magnifying glass.[4]

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