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Padres Morning
Los Padres
General information

North America


Padres Del Fuego, Caribbean Sea

Points of interest

Skull's Thunder

Notable inhabitants

Miguel Sanchez De Montoya


Padres Del Fuego

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Latest appearance

Armada of the Damned

Los Padres was the main settlement and capital of the island colony, Padres Del Fuego. Residents were not so hospitable to pirates, but with Jolly Roger's Army on the move and the presence of the East India Trading Company, buccaneers weren't such bad visitors.

History Edit

Like the populated areas on Port Royal and Tortuga, this sleepy Spanish town has taverns and various merchants, as well as a jail to toss unwanted riff-raff. A very dangerous port to reach by sea, the city offers everything a pirate could use. The town sits on the verge of lava destruction. The town itself has no enemies to speak of, unless the pirate wanders too close to Fort Dundee. But, it does have access to the fort, the Lava Gorge and Beckett's Quarry.

Sometime in the 18th century, the British Royal Navy seized the town along with the rest of the island, and converted it into an English colony. Though many Spaniards still resided on the island, official juristiction was handed over to the British. Even though the Spanish were no longer in control of Padres' management, governorship was still handed out to a Spaniard named Victorio.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • Many advanced POTCO players use Los Padres as a base of operations away from the crowded Port Royal and Tortuga docks.
  • Businesses:
    • Barber (Cesar's)
    • Blacksmith (Anton Levy Smithery, Ferera's Blacksmith Shop)
    • Gunsmith (Grimsditch Gunsmithing, Deaf Gunny's)
    • Gypsy (Valentina, Romany Bev)
    • Jeweler (Perla's)
    • Shipwright (Balthasar Bollard)
    • Tattoo Artist (Corazon)
    • Taverns (Ratskellar's, Skull's Thunder)
    • Tailor

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