Long nines

The sailors on the Dauntless load one of the long nines.

"I don't need to catch them, just get them in range of the long nines."
James Norrington[src]

The long nine was a class of specific naval cannon during the age of sail. It was a proportionately longer-barreled 9-pounder for increased range. Its typical mounting as a bow or stern chaser, where it was parallel to the keel. In a chase situation, the gun's greater range came into play. The use of the smaller 9 pound shot as opposed to a heavier projectile was due to the need to reduce weight on the ends of the ship and the relative fragility of the bow and stern portions of the hull.


When the Interceptor was commandeered, Commodore James Norrington gave the order to get the HMS Dauntless turned so her long nines could fire on the Interceptor. Jack Sparrow though had disabled their rudder chain, so the Dauntless could not come about to fire.


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