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Wild Waters

"And what lucky wind brings you to Libertalia, Jackie?"
Edward Teague to Jack Sparrow[src]

Libertalia was a utopia for pirates looking to live in safety and harmony once they've retired from their lives of plunder. The location was hidden somewhere on the coast of Madagascar, and only known to pirates. The town was founded by the infamous Captain James Misson many years before the adventures of Jack Sparrow and his crew.

History Edit

"Libertalia is a pirate utopia. A place where pirates live in harmony and safety after they've retired from their lives of plunder. It was founded by the infamous Captain Misson many years ago. Pirates all over the world tell stories about it. And here it really is, in front of us!"
Jean Magliore[src]

Stories of Libertalia's extravagance were known all over the world, although some pirates (such as Billy Turner) have been led to believe that the place is nothing more than legend. A Jolly Roger depicting a white skeleton and a pirate holding an hourglass above a dripping heart together rippled atop the town's largest building.

As observed by Carolina during the Black Pearl crew's stay at Libertalia, the town's population was made up of Indian, Arabic, Dutch, French, English, Chinese, and most numerous of all, African sailors. This was probably due to the pirate townspeople's tendencies to attack ships leaving Africa loaded with slaves, and then offering the slaves the chance to live in Libertalia as freed men. Many took up cattle ranching once they settled in the town; however, as Jack Sparrow was quick to point out, most have not completely abandoned their criminal nature, as a lot of looting and pillaging for treasure still get on there.

Captain Edward Teague, who had moved to Libertalia with the rest of the Sparrow family after his son ran away from Shipwreck Island, owned the largest mansion in the entire town, and was observed by Jack to hold significant respect amongst its citizens. However, Teague's fellow Pirate Lord, King Samuel, was the one pirate in the world absolutely forbidden from ever returning there. As Jack found out shortly after his arrival, King Samuel was regarded by Libertalia's citizens as a traitor and outright violator of the Pirate Code, due to his underhanded deals with the Dutch and Portuguese to let their slave ships through the town, as well as his selling of captured prisoners, conquered warriors, and own employees as slaves. However, this did not stop King Samuel from sneaking into the town from time to time.

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