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Park and Lian.

"These are my attendants. Lian and Park."
"Attendants? Are they pirates? Female pirates?"
"Everyone on this ship is a pirate.
Sao Feng and Carolina[src]

These twins, known as Lian and Park, were identical Chinese twins. They were known to be Sao Feng's loyal assistants and bodyguards.


Lian and Park were Sao Feng's personal bodyguards. During the War Against Piracy, Hector Barbossa and Elizabeth Swann visited Sao Feng in his bathhouse for assistance in saving Jack Sparrow and rallying the Brethren Court. Both sisters let out a slight giggle upon the first mention of Jack Sparrow made by Will Turner. However, negotiations ran short as numerous soldiers of the East India Trading Company barge in a do battle with the pirates.[1]


Lian and Sao Feng with Park.


Park enraged of Lian's death.

Their leader, Ian Mercer, aimed his pistol at Elizabeth to kill her, but failed as Will Turner pushed her out of the way. The shot hit Park square in the forehead, killing her instantly. Sao Feng soon ordered his men to escape into the streets of Singapore, where the fight continued. Angered of Park's death, Lian wanted to avenge her, and so she ambushed Mercer in a small shop. While Lian managed to stab Mercer with a chopstick, Mercer was able to get the upper hand by pushing Lian to the ground and shot her dead. Mercer left Singapore having killed both twins.[1]

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