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"So tell me, what's become of my ship?"
Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Dead Men Tell No Tales. Caution is advised.
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1751,[1] drowns at the bottom of the ocean at Poseidon's Tomb



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Silent Mary


Battle off the Devil's Triangle
Battle in the Devil's Triangle
Destruction of Barbossa's fleet
Chase of the Black Pearl
Battle of Poseidon's Tomb


Spanish Royal Navy (formerly)
Crew of the Silent Mary

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Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Dead Men Tell No Tales


Juan Carlos Vellido

"They are begging for mercy."
"Mercy. Mercy? There is no mercy!
―Lesaro and Armando Salazar[src]

Lesaro was a lieutenant in the Spanish Royal Navy during the Age of Piracy, serving on the Silent Mary under the command of Capitán Armando Salazar.


Lesaro was the most loyal officer in Armando Salazar's crew, following his captain in his numerous pirate-hunting expeditions. During the battle off the coast of the Devil's Triangle, he stood at the helm of the Silent Mary, following his Captain's orders no matter the cost. After nine pirate vessels had been defeated, Lesaro noticed pirates floating on driftwood in the water, begging for mercy. He informed his Captain of the survivors, who condemned them all to death. After receiving his orders, Lesaro ordered a line to fire on the remaining pirates begging for mercy in the water with little concern, killing them all.

Lesaro's loyalty eventually cost him his life when their ship sailed into the Devil's Triangle, due to the witty Jack Sparrow. As Salazar pushed Lesaro away from the helm in an attempt to maneuver the bootleg turn from the Wicked Wench, the Silent Mary crashed on the rocks below, causing the ship's powder magazine to go up in flames and send the vessel sinking to the depths of the ocean, killing Lesaro, as well as Salazar in the process. Lesaro, along with the entire crew of the Silent Mary was resurrected by the supernatural powers of the Triangle. with his crew mates as the undead. Hungry for revenge, the Spanish escaped from the Triangle and set out on a blind mission of vengeance to find the legendary Trident of Poseidon to kill the man they blamed for their fate - Captain Jack Sparrow.

He helped his captain in his quest for the Trident, and even dueled the notorious pirate, Captain Hector Barbossa aboard the Black Pearl, but was unable to defeat him. After Salazar captured Henry Turner, Salazar had a plan to possess his body so that he may go on land to retrieve the trident. Lesaro showed concerns of his Captain's safety of never being able to leave Henry's body, but was silenced by Salazar assuring him that he would be freed if he were to grab hold of the trident. As his Captain made his way toward Jack Sparrow, Lesaro, along with the entire crew of the Silent Mary, came falling down on both sides of the split water, drawing their swords and watching their captain duel Sparrow. After the Trident had finally been destroyed, Lesaro slowly felt his lungs being filled with water and was forced out of the water, revealing himself to finally be human again. As he, along with Salazar and the rest of the crew praised their human form, they soon realized that the walls of water were being closed in around them. They all attempted to reach the anchor which was being drawn from the Black Pearl, their only way out of the depths of the ocean. Salazar, Magda, and another crew member were able to make it aboard. Lesaro shouted "Capitan! Capitan!" as he attempted to make it to the anchor, which did him no good. The two waves then collided and covered Lesaro and the remaining crew, ultimately taking their lives once again, and this time for good.

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