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Dark Brown

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Black Pearl


Jack Sparrow

Behind the scenes
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The Curse of the Black Pearl

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Dead Man's Chest


Killed by the Kraken


LeJon O. Stewart

"We must have hit a reef!"
―Lejon before the Kraken attack[src]

Lejon was a crew member who served as part of Jack Sparrow's crew on the Black Pearl.


Pirates of the Caribbean:The Curse of the Black Pearl Edit


With the help of Joshamee Gibbs, Jack was recruiting a motley crew at Tortuga to sail aboard the Interceptor. One of the sailors he recruited was Lejon, who joined his crew to sail for Isla de Muerta and the Black Pearl.

Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann took command of the ship after Jack had fallen behind during the rescue on Isla de Muerta. They was able to outrun the Black Pearl for a time, and engaged its cursed pirates in combat when Barbossa's ship caught up. The crew were ultimately captured and the Interceptor destroyed, and soon after Lejon and the others found themselves locked in the brig of the Black Pearl.

When the ship returned to Isla de Muerta, Elizabeth infiltrated the Pearl and rescued Jack's crew, hoping they would help her rescue Will. However, the pirates, recalling Jack owed them a ship, decided to take the Black Pearl instead. Sometime later, during the planned hanging of Jack Sparrow, They steered the Black Pearl to Port Royal, where it awaited Jack's escape. With the help of Will Turner, Jack evaded the noose, and fell over the fort. The Pearl rounded the cove, and Jack was brought on board, once again becoming the ship's captain.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Edit

The pirate crew had numerous exploits over the next year, though their most dangerous came when Davy Jones unleashed the Kraken to settle a debt owed by Jack. Jack ordered Gibbs and the crew to set out for land to avoid the beast, and ended up on Pelegosto.

LeJon Jack

Lejon on a longboat with Jack Sparrow, Cotton and several others.

The Black Pearl landed at Pelegosto Island and the crew were captured, Lejon among those captured by the Pelegostos, the native cannibalistic tribe; the crew members consumed were made into two giant bone cages in which the surviving crew was kept, Lejon and several crew members among them. The crew within the two bone cages swung back and forth from the bridge where the cages were hung, finally grabbing hold of the roots and vines on the cliff side, beginning the climb up. With Will Turner's help, Lejon and the crew managed to escape, and Jack rendezvoused with them at the Pearl.

Lejon later joined Jack's quest to find the Dead Man's Chest, which took them to Tia Dalma's shack, a run-in with Davy Jones. Jack then sailed the Pearl to Tortuga, where they had to gather 99 souls to pay off Jack's debt with Jones, which lead to a confrontation with James Norrington who joined his crew for the quest. After the journey to Isla Cruces, Lejon participated in the fierce battle against the Kraken after Jack failed to obtain the chest. When Elizabeth Swann tried to shoot several explosive barrels to defeat the Kraken but dropped her rifle, Lejon bravely attempted to defeat the Kraken by picking up the rifle, but was promptly grabbed by one of the beast's tentacles and pulled underwater to his death.



Behind the scenesEdit

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Notes and referencesEdit

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