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Las Pulgas
Las Pulgas
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North America


Padres Del Fuego, Caribbean Sea

Points of interest

Goslin Prymme's

Notable inhabitants

Goslin Prymme


Padres Del Fuego

Behind the scenes
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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Las Pulgas ("City of Pests") - On the other side of El Sudoron is a small town overrun by a raid, with undead skeletons and a few British Royal Navy soldiers. The bad news is that they're all high-level gypsies, grenadiers and raiders. Good news? The village offers all the stores of a regular town and an escape to your ship is a short hop away. Like in the quarry, mixing humans and undead makes pistol hard, but cutlass or voodoo is a good option. A group of mediums or a handful of higher-level characters can take advantage of this isolated area. General Darkhart, leader of the Undead Raiders, and Timothy Dartan, leader of the Undead Gypsies, are there.

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  • The Undead and the affiliates of Great Britain are found to be constantly fighting on these grounds for control of the town. However some claim that the attacks had ceased when the EITC went into an apparent deal with Jolly Roger. The fighting continued despite these claims, but this might have been a cover-up for the alliance between the two forces. This alliance however broke with the Battle of Raven's Cove, so the fighting between the two factions became legitimate.

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