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"So tell me, what's become of my ship?"
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"And how would you like to die, pirate? Hanging, firing squad, or a new invention, the guillotine?"
―The guard to Jack Sparrow[src]

This man was a Royal Marine stationed at Saint Martin under Lieutenant John Scarfield during the execution of Captain Jack Sparrow and the witch Carina Smyth.

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Not much is known about this man's past, but by 1751 he was a soldier among the British troops stationed on the island of Saint Martin. During the execution of famed Captain Jack Sparrow and so-called witch Carina Smyth, this soldier was tasked with determining which way each prisoner was to die. He asked Jack how he wanted to die: hanging, firing squad or the guillotine. Jack replied guillotine, not knowing what it was, and commented that it sounded French. No longer listening to the pirate, the marine gestured to another guard to take him away. As the notorious pirate was taken away, he saw the guillotine and shouted back that he'd changed his mind, but the marine ignored him, now talking to another pirate.[1] His further fate is unknown.

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