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Large Cannibal Woman
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Dead Man's Chest

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Dead Man's Chest


Josie Dapar


This cannibal woman was part of the Pelegostos Tribe.

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Around 1729Captain Jack Sparrow and his motley crew arrived on the Pelegostos island and were captured. The Pelegostos were convinced that Jack was a God in human form, and planned to release him from his mortal coil by ceremonially ingesting his flesh. 

This woman was seen anticipating this ceremony and was confused when Jack attempted to escape, likely thinking (as the other Pelegostos thought) that such a ceremony would be beneficial to a God such as they thought Jack to be.

During the ceremony, this woman and another woman were stationed in a tent with a Cannibal boy. When Jack Sparow turned up at the tent, he angered the other woman by accident, and the two cannibals began throwing fruits at the supposed God. However, Sparrow ended up pole vaulting over a cliff edge to safety.

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