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"We're out of range!"
―Koleniko to Davy Jones[src]

Lego Koleniko

Koleniko was a crew member serving aboard the Flying Dutchman under the command of Captain Davy Jones around the time of the search for the Dead Man's Chest. He served as the ship's primary navigator and kept order on the ship alongside Jimmy Legs and Maccus.[2]


As with Davy Jones' other crewmen, Koleniko had gradually taken on characteristics of various sea creatures. Most notable of these aquatic deformities was that the right side of his face, left shoulder and arm had been fused with the spines of a pufferfish, and would inflate and deflate with his breathing. His eye had transformed into a bloated fish eye that served him well when navigating by the stars.[2] Holes and pock-marks covered the right-hand side of his face, accentuating Koleniko's inhuman appearance.[3] His left hand was bloated, giving the appearance of a fin, and his poncho appeared to be coated with, or may have been entirely comprised of, seagrass.[4]

Koleniko first

Koleniko aboard the Flying Dutchman.

Koleniko participated in a game of liar's dice with Maccus and Clanker prior to Will Turner challenging Davy Jones, which Clanker won after Maccus incorrectly called him out, gaining ten years of service. Following the destruction of the Edinburgh Trader, Jones ordered Koleniko to chart a course to Isla Cruces. He participated in the fight on Isla Cruces, dueling Jack Sparrow as well as Elizabeth Swann.[4]

Koleniko remained onboard the Flying Dutchman up until and beyond the time when East India Trading Company assumed control of Davy Jones, his ship and its crew, including Koleniko. When the crew of the Empress was imprisoned aboard the Dutchman, he was mistaken as Bootstrap Bill Turner by Elizabeth, who was locked in the brig. He was also present when Will Turner's heart was cut out.[5] When Will Turner became captain of the Flying Dutchman, Koleniko reverted to human form like all the other crewmen.[1] His further fate is unknown.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Koleniko was played by Clive Ashborn in Dead Man's Chest and At World's End.
  • In the revision screenplay draft of Dead Man's Chest, Koleniko was described by having one eye. In the finished version of the film, Koleniko has two eyes like his comrades, leaving that the one who at least does not seem to have two eyes in the face is Maccus (who has one eye moved).
  • In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Koleniko is known as Urchinfist.
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