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General information

Caribbean Sea

Notable inhabitants

Remington the Vicious


British Royal Navy
East India Trading Company

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Latest appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Kingshead was an island in the Caribbean Sea, and one of the headquarters of the British Royal Navy in the Caribbean. The island was dominated by a large, imposing military fortress surrounded by labyrinthine military structures.[1] In addition to normal Royal Navy soldiers, Black Coats guarded the fortress and its prisoners.

The island has been chosen by Lord Cutler Beckett to be something of his own personal fotress. It is there that the EITC's less-than-legal doings can be kept secret from prying eyes.

Captain Jack Sparrow was incarcerated in the Kingshead fortress during his time as a pirate in the Caribbean.[1]

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