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Kingdom Hearts II is a RPG videogame produced by Square Enix, and is the sequel to Kingdom Hearts. It was released in 2005.

A sequel, entitled Kingdom Hearts III, will be released in 2019.



The "world" Port Royal.

The game, which features elements from many Disney movies, includes a "world" named Port Royal, based generally around the story of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The protagonist Sora and his allies, classic Disney characters Donald Duck and Goofy, visit the world and team up with Jack Sparrow against Hector Barbossa, who allies himself with Pete.

A second story is also added in a later visit to this world where Luxord, a member of the game's main villain group Organization XIII, steals the Aztec gold and causes Jack to be cursed once more, only for it to be reversed by defeating an undead "Heartless" monster known as the "Grim Reaper", an embodiment of the curse itself. The chest itself is then tossed into the sea.

Jack himself takes an interest in taking possession of Sora's Keyblade, briefly holding it before it returns to him. As Keyblades can only be used by those with the right qualities, Jack may possibly be one who is worthy, though this remains to be seen. In the end credits, Jack is seen examining his hand in the moonlight, then reaching into his pocket and kissing an unseen object; it is even further implied that this object is one of the cursed medallions, and that the destruction of the Grim Reaper lead to the destruction of the curse itself.

Jack Sparrow KH

Jack Sparrow as he appears in the game.

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Elements from the film that appear in the game include:


A figurine of Jack Sparrow was released in Kingdom Hearts II's "Formation Arts" series of collectible figures.


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