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This article is about the abandoned city. You may be looking for an island of the same name.
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"Apedemak...he's your main god, right? Since ancient times, I suppose?"
"There are a number of lesser gods, but yes, Apedemak is special to us, and has been ever since my people left the city of Old Kerma in ancient Kush, just below the third cataract of the Nile.
Jack Sparrow and Amenirdis[src]

Kerma was an ancient city in Africa. It was the capital of the Empire of Kush, before it was absorbed into the Egyptian Empire.


Around 3000 BC, a cultural tradition began around Kerma. Kerma was a large urban center that was built around a large mud brick temple, known as the Western Deffufa. Some unique aspects of this culture were beautiful pottery, the importance of cattle, a system of defense, and the King's audience chamber. This was one of the earliest African civilizations, commanding an empire that circa 1600 BCE rivalled Egypt.

Around 1300 BC, some people of Kerma abandoned their homes and journeyed to the West, where they inhabited an island in the Atlantic Ocean, which they also named Kerma. Three thousand years later, princess Amenirdis led an expedition from the island to reunite the islanders with their eastern countrymen, but instead of the magnificent city, they found just an old ruin, abandoned centuries earlier.


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