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Gibbs Pistol
Joshamee Gibbs' pistol
Production information



Flintlock pistol

Technical specifications

1 bullet


Joshamee Gibbs


Joshamee Gibbs

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Dead Man's Chest

Last appearance

On Stranger Tides

This antique pistol was a weapon owned by Joshamee Gibbs, who used it throughout much of his pirate career.


It is not known how Gibbs came into possession of this pistol but he had it by the time Jack Sparrow starting searching for the Dead Man's Chest and apparently kept it for sentimental reasons. The pistol remained on Gibbs' person for a majority of that time but Gibbs later used it in a futile attempt to fight off the Kraken when it attacked the Black Pearl.[1]

About two months later, Gibbs would once again utilize the pistol during the Battle of Singapore and, not long after, in a brief but tense standoff between Hector Barbossa, Elizabeth Swann, William Turner, Jack Sparrow and himself. After the War Against Piracy, the pistol remained in Gibbs' belt when Sparrow and him went their separate ways.[2]

Several years later, Gibbs still had the pistol on his person when he sailed to London to find Sparrow, who was rumored to be recruiting a crew there, though it would be confiscated when he was arrested for suspected of being Sparrow himself. However, the pistol would be returned to its rightful owner when he became the navigator and an unwilling privateer under Hector Barbossa onboard the HMS Providence. Throughout the quest for the Fountain of Youth, Gibbs had little reason to use his pistol up until the landing at Whitecap Bay, where he instinctively grabbed the pistol's handle when he heard cries of men coming from the Providence, which was being attacked by man-eating mermaids. The pistol was still with Gibbs when he later presented a bottled Black Pearl to Jack Sparrow.[3]

Design and usageEdit

Joshamee Gibbs' pistol was an antique pistol with a steel trigger guard.[4] Befitting Gibbs' more humble personality, the pistol was rather dull-looking and not very impressive in appearance. Despite this, the pistol served Gibbs' well throughout his life; it was a reliable, ranged-weapon that Gibbs was skilled in combatant with.



Notes and referencesEdit

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