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"Look at yourself! You'd make a perfect clergyman! You can write, your tutors told me, with proper grammar and even a bit of elegance when the situation demands. You'll dash off those sermons in no time at all! And aside from that,'s just a round of garden parties, and balls, afternoon teas and socials. There are always girls from good but poor families dangling after the village vicar, you know that. You might even have your pick!"
―Jonathan Beckett Sr. to Cutler Beckett[src]

Jonathan Beckett Sr. was the father of Jonathan Beckett Jr., Bartholomew Beckett, Jane Beckett, and Cutler Beckett. He was also the director of the Beckett Trading Company.


"Cutler, your mother has a wasting disease. Some kind of unknown ailment the doctors can't diagnose or cure. She's dying, boy. Seeing you settled as a clergyman is her last wish."
"How dare you try to use my mother to manipulate me, you devil? A ‘wasting disease’ is it? An ‘unknown ailment?’ You lying, filthy hypocrite! I know what’s wrong with my mother, and so do you! She has the damned pox, and you gave it to her!
―Jonathan Beckett Sr. and Cutler Beckett[src]

Jonathan Beckett Sr. was the manager of the Beckett trading Company during the early 18th century. He married and had three sons, Jonathan Jr., Bartholomew, and Cutler, and one daughter, Jane.

He had a lot of unforgivable arguments with Cutler about what he should be when he grows up. Cutler abandoned his father's house and joined the East India Trading Company. Both Bartholomew and Jonathan Jr. worked in their father's shipping company.

Jonathan Sr. was still so furious with his son that he refused to free him from some pirates who had Cutler enslaved, but then the EITC official Reginald Marmaduke Bracegirdle-Penwallow freed Cutler by sending a ransom to them and their pirate captain, Christophe-Julien de Rapièr.

When Jonathan's cousin Matthew Beckett and his wife Susan wanted their son John to join the Beckett Trading Company, Jonathan refused.


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