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John Smith
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Black Pearl


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Jack Sparrow

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

"Sorry, I've got nothing for you."
―John Smith to an unknown pirate[src]

John Smith was a vicious pirate as well as an accomplished carpenter.

Biography Edit

His family had been wealthy landowners who lost it all when the British Royal Navy unlawfully confiscated their estates. Smith was forced into becoming a workingman. He quickly found work as a ship's carpenter but he never forgot the Navy's treachery. When Captain Jack Sparrow offered Smith a spot on the Black Pearl, he jumped at the chance to regain his fortunes. After the crew split up, Smith was commissioned to refurbish a sloop rig for governor Andrew Bowdash on Tortuga. Bowdash intended it to be a gift for a fair young maiden named Gretchen, as an incentive to marry him. But his nuptials would be delayed.

Smith got anxious to return to the adventurous life and started running rum for a local distillery. He "borrowed" Gretchen, had a scrape with a Royal Navy frigate the Panther, and ran her aground on Driftwood Island. Since then he has been trying to make repairs but without success.

Behind the scenes Edit

It is possible that John Smith is a distant relative of Laura Smith and her daughter Arabella.

Appearances Edit

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