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The Caribbean (Mentioned only)

"I will take his name, my former master's. He stole my life—my name, my identity, my family. Now I will take his. No one shall remember who he was. There will only be one Gentleman Jocard...and it is I."

Gentleman Jocard was an infamous slave owner during the first half of the 18th century.

Biography Edit

"Gombo, we burned the plantation, stole his ship and came looking for you."
Marcus to Gombo[src]

Jocard was a wealthy man who engaged in slave trading with the Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean, King Samuel. He had a tobacco plantation in Louisiana, not far from New Orleans. In the early 1730s, Jocard bought from Samuel a black slave who became known as Gombo. But Gombo soon run away from Jocard's plantation and joined the pirate crew of the Black Pearl under Captain Jack Sparrow.

Many of Gombo's friends soon escaped too, burned Jocard's plantation, stole his ship, and turned to piracy. After some time, they found Gombo and offered him to lead them. Gombo accepted, and took his former master's name, eventually becoming known as Gentleman Jocard. For assuming a false identity, the East India Trading Company offered a reward of 3,600 guineas on Gombo's/Jocard's head.

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