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Jimmy Legs
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6' 3"


217 ibs



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Cat o' nine tails

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Flying Dutchman


Davy Jones
William Turner

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Dead Man's Chest

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At World's End


Reverted back to his human form[1]


Christopher Adamson

"The bosun prides himself on cleaving flesh from bone, with every swing."
Bootstrap Bill Turner to William Turner[src]

Jimmy Legs was the bosun aboard the Flying Dutchman, under the command of Captain Davy Jones. He was known as a harsh taskmaster, and took sadistic pleasure in demanding the impossible from the crew.[2]


"Impeding me my duties? You'll share the punishment."
―Jimmy Legs to Bootstrap Bill Turner[src]

Jimmy Legs, along with the rest of the crew, was transformed during his servitude aboard the Flying Dutchman, taking on the appearance of various aquatic flora and fauna. He had the face of a stonefish and a fin protruded from his back. His mouth was similar to that of a piranha and his right boot became fused to his leg. In combat he preferred a cutlass with a large, cup-shaped handguard.[2] He commonly wielded a cat o' nine tails aboard the Flying Dutchman, inflicting punishment on crewmen who failed to fulfill his harsh orders. Such was his ferocity, he was known to cleave flesh from bone with every lash of his whip.

Jimmy Legs

Jimmy Legs on Isla Cruces.

While serving aboard the Flying Dutchman, Will Turner incurred Jimmy Legs' wrath when he and his father Bootstrap Bill caused damage to the deck by dropping a cannon they were supposed to be hoisting. The boatswain was ready to lash Will with his whip, but Bootstrap intervened, stating he'd take the full punishment. With their familial relationship revealed to Jones, Bootstrap was forced into whipping his son himself in order to spare Will from Jimmy Legs' excruciating punishment. Jimmy Legs also used his whip on the crew turning the Kraken Hammer during the attacks on the Edinburgh Trader and the Black Pearl.

Jimmy Legs was part of the group sent to Isla Cruces to ensure Jack Sparrow did not claim the Dead Man's Chest, and fought against Elizabeth Swann and her companions. He would later meet Swann again, following the attack on the Empress, when he locked her and her crew in the brig of the Flying Dutchman. He found her attempts to locate Bootstrap Bill cruelly amusing.

Following the death of Davy Jones, Jimmy Legs bore the Dead Man's Chest while Bootstrap Bill Turner carved out his son's heart. When Will took command of the Flying Dutchman, Jimmy Legs reverted back to his human form along with his shipmates.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Jimmy Legs was portrayed by Christopher Adamson in Dead Man's Chest and At World's End.
  • "Jimmy legs" is a colloquialism used in reference to nocturnal myoclonus, a sleep disorder where the patient moves limbs involuntarily during sleep and has symptoms or problems related to the movement.
  • In the revision screenplay draft of Dead Man's Chest, the Flying Dutchman's Boatswain was Greenbeard instead of Jimmy Legs. Additionally, Legs was described by having his body covered in barnacles. In the finished version, he doesn't have barnacles.
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