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Attack on the Montanez
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Pirates of the Caribbean (game)

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Pirates of the Caribbean (game)

"We will be victorious!"
―Joaquin de Masse[src]

Jaoquin de Masse was a Maltese knight who served the Catholic Church in the early 1600s. He assisted the English captain Nathaniel Hawk in destroying a notorious animist cult that operated in the Caribbean archipelago in the 1630s.


One of the Church's most loyal and devoted crusaders, Jaoquin de Masse was especially well-known for battling an organization of animists in Italy. These animists, led by a mysterious figure who practiced ancient rituals, were longtime enemies of the Church and actively opposed its faith and religious supremacy.

Although the task to destroy the organization seemed to be initially successful, the animists' leader managed to slip away, re-establishing his order in the Caribbean islands. There, he transformed a large cavern near the shore of the Spanish-occupied island of Isla Muelle into his headquarters, intending to conduct a ritual on several children abducted from the Dutch colony of Douwesen, as well as Padre Domingues, a ranking priest from Isla Muelle's church.

Dropping Anchor at OxbayEdit

Tasked to continue his unfinished business against the animist order, Jaoquin Jaoquin was transported from Spain to the Caribbean archipelago aboard the Spanish barque Montanez.

An important passenger aboard the barque, Padre Domingues made sure the ship was well-guarded from hostile vessels, and sent the Victory, an English ship captained by Nathaniel Hawk, to escort it at the English-occupied island of Oxbay. True enough, the Montanez was attacked by three unidentified pirate ships, all of which the Victory successfully managed to sink or board and capture in an intense battle.

The Montanez dropped anchor on Oxbay and delivered Jaoquin, and then set sail for Isla Muelle shortly after, still under escort by the Victory.

Destruction of the Animist OrderEdit

Travelling to the English-occupied island of Redmond sometime after his stay at Oxbay, Jaoquin de Masse was summoned by Father Bernard, the priest at Redmond church, to assist Nathaniel Hawk in a mission to find and destroy the animist order. After undergoing a lengthy search for the animists' hideout, Nathaniel finally discovered from an animist teacher that their headquarters lay within a cavern near the shore of Isla Muelle.

Jaoquin and Nathaniel then found and battled the order of animists in the cave, managing to kill all the animists, as well as their leader himself. Nathaniel then retrieved the abducted children and Padre Domingues. Shortly afterwards, upon returning to the Victory at the shore, he and Nathaniel fought and defeated the animsits' frigate, the Mefisto, in a dramatic engagement. The Mefisto was subsequently either destroyed, or boarded and captured by the crew of the Victory. This ensured the decisive end of the animist order, and the retrieval of the children to their mothers in Douwesen and Padre Domingues' return to the church at Isla Muelle.