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James Pidgley
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Ethnic group


Eye color


Hair color

Light brown


Navy cook
EITC Black Guard Assassin

Also known as

John Carver

Ship(s) captained or crewed

Black Pearl


British Royal Navy (formerly)
Black Guard (formerly)
Cutler Beckett (formerly)
Jack Sparrow
Brethren Court

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Latest appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

"Leave a nice tip, mate! Jeremy here pours a spirited spirit."
Jack Sparrow to a pirate[src]

James Pidgley, also known as John Carver, was the bartender of the Faithful Bride during the 1740s. He was a member of the East India Trading Company.


Rumor has it that Carver was a lowly Navy cook before jumping from ship and living the pirate life. (Carver himself started that rumor.) Truth is, he was, until recently, an assassin for the East India Trading Company's elite Black Guard brigade.

Carver's real name is James Pidgley and his talent for subterfuge and deception landed him the choicest assignments until Carver overheard a conversation between Lord Beckett and the Royal Navy's Admiral Simon. It was not intended for his ears, and when they discovered it, Carver was a marked man. He fled for his life as Simon and Beckett organized a massive manhunt to return him, dead or alive. Somehow, Carver evaded them and is still among the living. Since that fateful day, Carver's been laying low in the only place he figured he'd go unnoticed and unquestioned, Tortuga. When Jack Sparrow was being hunted down by Jolly Roger and his undead army, he enlisted Carver into his crew. This was not the first time Carver was in Jack Sparrow's crew. Carver helped jack recover the Black Pearl from the Royal Navy. He also helped sink the Goliath when recovering the Pearl.



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