Jack vs. Jack is a musical theme composed by Hans Zimmer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It appeared as a track on the film's complete soundtrack.

Track DescriptionEdit

Jack vs. Jack Sample

Excerpt from "Jack vs. Jack".

The first half of the track is shadowy and suspenseful, with many extremes in dynamics and dissonant notes. Snippets of recurring themes can be heard, for example the both the theme and the action cue from "Jack Sparrow". There are also parallels drawn with "Will And Elizabeth", which played during the first ever duel of the Pirates films. Towards the end of the track an excerpt from "The Medallion Calls" is heard. The track finishes with the familiar ascending scalic passage.

The track plays during the duel between Jack Sparrow and Angelica, who was disguised as Jack himself, in the storeroom of the Captain's Daughter tavern.


  • This track is also known as "Imposter Swordfight" from the alternative track listing.
  • Hans Zimmer re-scored this track for the final recording, as there are many inconsistencies between the soundtrack version and the film version of this track. For example, in On Stranger Tides, the track is ended with Lord Cutler Beckett's theme from At World's End.
  • There is a chromatic phrase about 140 second in that is similar to the theme from "Queen Anne's Revenge". However, it is unlikely that it was intended as such, as at this point in the On Stranger Tides film, the ship had not made an appearance.


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