Jack Sparrow showing Angelica the trophy lace.

"Do you recall Saint Dominique?"
"La Martinique. I tried to kill you in Saint Dominique.
Jack Sparrow and Angelica as Jack shows the lace[src]

This piece of old lace was a trophy piece Jack Sparrow acquired from a young lady named Angelica.


After the defeat of Hector Barbossa and his cursed crew, Jack Sparrow became captain of the Black Pearl once again. At some point afterwards, prior to Jack's search for the Dead Man's Chest[1], Jack was reunited with an old flame: Angelica. While the two were together in Martinique, Angelica gave the lace to Jack, who would continue wearing it on his left wrist through the rest of his adventures.[2] Getting the lace was a manner of brief discussion between Jack and Angelica, in which Jack thought that he got it from Saint Dominique.[3]

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  1. Jack Sparrow was never seen with the lace in The Curse of the Black Pearl, therefore Jack had to have gotten the lace before the events of Dead Man's Chest.
  2. Jack Sparrow continued to wear the lace as of the events of On Stranger Tides.
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