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Fight on Isla de Muerta 17
"It's not a bad look, really. Eh?"
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Edward Teague (brother)[2]
Jack Sparrow (nephew)


Jack Sparrow's family

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Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Dead Men Tell No Tales


Paul McCartney

"Uncle Jack?"
"Jackie boy! How's it going?"
"Can't complain, really. You?"
"I've been waiting all morning here for a beating. But the service is terrible.
Jack Sparrow and Jack[src]

Jack was a pirate in the Caribbean around the 1750s.


A member of Jack Sparrow's family, Jack was Edward Teague's brother and Jack Sparrow's uncle. One day he was arrested by the British authorities in St. Martin. While he was singing Maggie Mae and playing poker in his cell, his nephew was dragged by the British soldiers through the corridor. Recognizing each other, Sparrow and Jack had a brief conversation about Captain Salazar's vengeance on pirates, before Sparrow was taken away for execution. His further fate is unknown.

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