Isla De La Avaricia
General information

North America


Caribbean Sea

Points of interest

Avaricia's Tavern

Notable inhabitants

Garcia de Avaricia
Alejandro Vargas
Enrique Dreadgrin
Enrique Sordo Del Tono
Gabriel De Martillo
Gunpowder Stan
Hector Gunfury
Hector Hexbain
Isaiah Chipmartin
Lorenzo Medina
Marcos Hilo De Rosca Verde
Pedro Del Mar
Bartholomew Pugfury


Spanish colonists


Spanish privateers

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Latest appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

"First, Pirates who choose to embark from this scrap of an island will be thrown into a battle... whether they be wantin' to or not."
Enrique Dreadgrin to an unknown pirate[src]

Isla De La Avaricia was an island in the backwaters of the eastern Caribbean. It was the biggest Spanish privateer base in the Caribbean Sea during the 1740s.


Located just north of Cutthroat Isle, the island was ruled by the Spanish captain Garcia de la Avaricia. When Avaricia discovered that his French rival, Pierre le Porc, ruler of Ile d'Etable de Porc, plans to take over the eastern Caribbean, he started to recruit passing pirates as privateers, promising them great wealth if they decide to fight for Spain against France.



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