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Abandoned Spanish church[1]
Coconut Cliff


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Dead Man's Chest

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"The chest is no longer safe. Chart a course to Isla Cruces!"
Davy Jones[src]

Isla Cruces was an island in the Caribbean Sea. The island was known as a plagued island ever since the Church of England came to the island, bringing salvation, disease and death. Isla Cruces was mainly known to be the location of the fabled Dead Man's Chest, which contained the heart of Davy Jones.


Isla Cruces

The church on Isla Cruces.


"You know this place?"
"Stories. The Church came to the island, and brought salvation, and disease and death. They say the priest had to bury everybody, one after the other. It drove him mad, and he hung himself."
"Better mad with the rest of the world than sane alone.
James Norrington and Elizabeth Swann[src]

Stories were told of Isla Cruces, in which the island was once populated and that the Church of England also established itself on the island. However, it was said to have brought disease to the island, resulting in a plague that wiped out the entire population. The priest had to bury the inhabitants, one by one, until he went insane and hung himself.[2][3] Davy Jones buried the Dead Man's Chest on Isla Cruces after he was forsaken by Calypso, and cut out his own heart in his rage. He was believed to have chosen Isla Cruces as it was a plague island, now deserted.[4] From that day on, all sane travelers avoided the island.[5]

Search for the Dead Man's ChestEdit

Isla Cruces

The discovery of the Dead Man's Chest.

The chest, buried on one of the island's beaches, became the subject of much interest as several factions attempted to gain possession of it. Captain Jack Sparrow was able to discern the location of the chest through his compass, and had James Norrington dig it out from under the sand. A race for possession of the chest ensued with the arrival of Will Turner, followed shortly by the crew of the Flying Dutchman.

The chase continued into the island's dense jungles, finally ending at the abandoned church, where Jack, Will and Norrington fought for the key, taking the battle onto the old mill wheel, which broke away and rolled down to the island's beach. Though Jack opened the chest and stole the heart, it ultimately ended up in Norrington's possession, leaving Davy Jones with an empty chest. The pirates departed the island, shortly before Jones summoned the Kraken to destroy the Black Pearl.

Behind the scenesEdit

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