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This article is about Jolly Roger's invasion. You may be looking for the cursed crew's attack.

Curse of the Muertos Moon


Invasion of Tortuga

Invasion of Port Royal
Invasion Royal

War of Jolly Roger




Port Royal, Jamaica


Defeat of Jolly Roger's army


Edward England flag



Citizens of Port Royal
Jolly Roger's Army


Captain Jolly Roger


Dozens of buccaneers
Citizens of Port Royal

Dozens of undead pirates




"Pirates first, boys! And their pitiful baricades. Then, on to the governor's mansion, and I'll rule Port Royal. ATTACK!"
Jolly Roger to his undead army[src]

The Invasion of Port Royal was the first of Jolly Roger's Conquests.

Invasion Edit

"These pitiful pirates are foiling me plans! Fall back! Retreat!"
Jolly Roger to his undead army[src]

The British Royal Navy soldiers put up barricades up all over Port Royal to defend against Jolly Roger's Army. Roger sent a brigade on the wharf. Several Pirates attacked them, making Roger send another brigade. Several more skeletons came on the beach, again to their demise. Until all 5 divisions were destroyed, Jolly Roger himself came directly into battle. He knocked out several pirates, some even sent to jail.

After a long battle, Roger was finally defeated, and he and his crew fled from Port Royal. But it was not the end. After the battle, Jolly Roger started to plan the invasion of Tortuga. He also sent a messenger to pirates, who offered them to join Roger or face his unstoppable wrath.

Behind the scenes Edit