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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

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At Worlds End (video game)


This man was incarcerated in the Turkish Prison at the same time as Jack Sparrow and his father, Captain Edward Teague. He was among those who were freed from imprisonment by Sparrow and Teague, and promptly fled the prison. However, he would later find himself in prison once again, this time at Port Royal.

Biography Edit

In 1729, this man would be arrested for unknown reasons and placed inside a cell in the Turkish Prison. He was placed in a small cell with a metal door and a single bed in the center of the heavily guarded prison fortress, one floor above the cells in which famed pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and his father, Captain Edward Teague, were held. Sparrow was able to break out of his cell using a crowbar, and promptly released his father before traversing a set of unstable rocky stairs to free this man and another prisoner.[1]

The two prisoners ran down the steps to the gate and started banging on it, soon being joined by Sparrow and Teague who aided them in breaking it down. As several guards were called to the scene, the two prisoners left Jack and Teague to deal with them as they made their escape.[1]

After his escape, the inmate made his way somehow to Port Royal. However, he soon found himself imprisoned here as well, but this time nobody came to his rescue.[1] His further fate is unknown.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The inmate is an unlockable character in At World's End (video game), unlocked by completing the "Loot" sub-mission at the Prison Fortress level. He also appeared as the basic prisoner in the level Port Royal.

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