Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean
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Edward Teague
Sumbhajee Angria
Jack Sparrow


British Empire
East India Trading Company
Sumbhajee Angria

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The Turning Tide

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Wild Waters

"If you hadn't given that horrid girl your mirror in the first place, it wouldn't be at the bottom of the Indian Ocean right now!"
Benedict Huntington to Barbara Huntington[src]

The Indian Ocean was the third largest body of water on Earth, covering twenty percent of its surface. It connected Africa and the Arabian peninsula in the west with the Malay peninsula, the Sunda Islands, and Australia in the east. It was named after the land of India, and thus the only ocean to be named in such a manner. The Indian Ocean was also home to Madagascar, a popular hideaway for pirates in the early 1700s.

Sri Sumbhajee was the Pirate Lord of the Indian Ocean during the first half of 18th century.

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