I Understand Everything... Except That Wig is a musical theme composed by Hans Zimmer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It appeared as a track on the film's complete soundtrack.

Track DetailsEdit

I Understand Everything... Except that Wig Sample

The two themes from "Jack Sparrow" as used in the track.

I Understand Everything... Except that Wig Sample

Excerpt from "I Understand Everything... Except That Wig".

The track begins with a trill on the raising submediant B natural, before moving into the action variation on the "pirate theme", first heard in "Jack Sparrow". There is then a statement of a second theme from "Jack Sparrow": the waltz-like scalic figure often colloquially reffered to as the "drunk theme". After an ascending scale passage in which the chord changes on every note, the regocnisable action cue from "The Black Pearl" is reprised for the first time, thus ending the first section.

The second section begins with a sublte statement of Barbossa's new theme, followed by a repeat of the theme from "Jack Sparrow". After a reprise of the descending three note figure from "A Family Affair", and a short but much darker version of Jack's theme, the British theme (adapted from Lord Cutler Beckett's themes) is heard. The track is finished with the three note figure that used to represent Beckett.

The track plays during Jack Sparrow's escape from King George's men at St. James's Palace. It takes its name from the dialogue between Jack and Hector Barbossa prior to his escape, as the former mocks the latter's wig.


  • This track is also known as "Jack's Escape" from the alternative track listing.
  • This is the first action cue of both the soundtrack and the film.
  • This track only covers half of Jack's escape, the other half presented in "Carriage Chase".
  • No new material is used, however ideas from all three previous films is present, most prominently the first and second. This relates to the aim of On Stranger Tides to "recapture the fun" of the original.


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