"I Don't Think Now Is the Best Time" is a musical theme composed and conducted by Hans Zimmer for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. It appears as track eleven on the film's soundtrack, at 10:45 in length, making it the longest track on the soundtrack.

This track is the film's major action theme, and uses many previously established themes including "Davy Jones", the Black Pearl's theme, "Jack Sparrow", "Hoist the Colours", the film's love theme,Lord Cutler Beckett's theme, "He's a Pirate", and elements from "Wheel of Fortune" and "Swords Crossed".

It accompanies the climactic battle between the Brethren of the Coast and the East India Trading Company, taking its name from a line spoken by Elizabeth Swann during this sequence.

The track is unique in that it is divided into two discernible segments. The first half of the track actually accompanies the second half of the battle and the destruction of Cutler Beckett's ship using Lord Beckett's theme, while the second half of the track is the score for the first half of the battle.


  • The complete score for At World's End contains this theme, but it has been called 'Maelstrom Pt2'. There is also an alternate version on the score that have some different themes near the end of the track.

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