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Hong Kong
Hong Kong
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Notable inhabitants

Benedict Huntington
Barbara Huntington


East India Trading Company

Behind the scenes
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Rising in the East

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Rising in the East

"Why Hong Kong?"
"It is considered somewhat neutral territory between here and Shanghai.
Diego de Leon and Sao Feng[src]

Hong Kong was a Chinese port located between Singapore and Shanghai. After first meeting Europeans in 1513, the city-port soon became a landmark for sea trade. The East India Trading Company also used this port for their trade in the Pacific Ocean. Hong Kong was also a neutral meeting place between the Pirate Lords of the Pacific and the South China Sea.

Jack Sparrow and his crew went to Hong Kong on his quest to find the Shadow Gold. Sao Feng led them there to meet with Mistress Ching so they could take her vial of the Shadow Gold. Unfortunately, Sao Feng used this meeting to attack Mistress Ching, causing a battle to start.[1]

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