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1720s, Isla de Pelegostos[1]

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Black Pearl


Motley crew

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Dead Man's Chest

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Dead Man's Chest


Killed by the Pelegostos[1]


Ho-Kwan Tse


Ho-Kwan was a Chinese pirate who served under Captain Jack Sparrow as part of the crew of the Black Pearl. He was part of the crew most notably around the time of Jack's search for the Dead Man's Chest.


Ho-Kwan was aboard the Black Pearl with Leech and other members of the motley crew against Jack Sparrow, following Jack's escape from the Turkish Prison, over lack of gold and other swag. But Jack produced a piece of cloth from which he had filched from the prison. The Black Pearl soon landed at Pelegosto Island, where they were captured by the Pelegostos, a native cannibalistic tribe. Some of the crew members were consumed, in which their bones were made into two giant bone cages, which hung over a ravine, in which the surviving crew was kept. Ho-Kwan was kept in a cage with Joshamee Gibbs, Cotton, Marty, and LeJon.[2]

Will Turner, who had been captured at a later point in time, helped the pirate crew escape the ravine, save for Leech and his group, who fell into the ravine. Being pursued by the cannibals, the crew then made their escape by rolling and then carrying the cage, until they plummeted down into a grotto, in which the cage split apart.[2] The pirate crew emerged, happy that they were alive until Ho-Kwan was shot in the back by an arrow thrown by one of the cannibals. His body was left behind as the rest of the crew made their escape.[1]

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