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Caribbean Sea

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Saint Dominique
Playa De Sabana


Buccaneers (formerly)
Kingdom of Spain (eastern part of the island)
Kingdom of France (western part of the island)

Behind the scenes
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The Curse of the Black Pearl (video game)

Latest appearance

The Curse of the Black Pearl (video game)

"We were off the coast of Hispaniola when we came under attack."
Hector Barbossa to Jack Sparrow[src]

Hispaniola (Spanish: La Española; Haitian Creole: Ispayola; Taíno: Ayiti) was a major Caribbean island located north-east of Port Royal, between Cuba to the west and Puerto Rico to the east. It was the site of the first European colonies founded by Christopher Columbus on his voyages in 1492 and 1493. The southern end of the island was the location of the city. Around the city was a jungle and in the jungle, there was an ancient Aztec temple. The pirate-infested island of Tortuga laid off the coast of this massive island.



Hispaniola's main port

"I hoarded my money for months to save for a time when I could take you and leave the Bride and your father forever. Take you someplace nice. Hispaniola, maybe. Or Boston. Or Newfoundland."
Laura Smith to Arabella Smith[src]

After 1697, the island was divided into two colonies, one Spanish and one French. The French colony became known as Saint Dominique.

The Spanish part of the island remained the seat of Spanish power in the Caribbean, since this was where the governor of Port Royal went to make a treaty in the 1730s.[1] Several members of Hector Barbossa's cursed crew were escaped slaves from Hispaniola.[2]

At some point before the quest for the Fountain of Youth, Angelica and Jack Sparrow were in St. Dominique, and she unsuccessfully tried to kill him there. In the late 1740s, after the War Against Piracy, the Black Pearl was off the coast of Hispaniola when they came under attack by Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge.[3]

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