Henry Peat
Henry Peat
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Pirates of the Caribbean (video game)

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Pirates of the Caribbean (video game)

"I'm told you know a lot about a ship called the Black Pearl."
"As a matter of fact, I do. I was lucky enough to serve on that fine ship. But that was many years ago, and it didn't end well. In fact, something happened during my time on the
Black Pearl that drove me from the sea..."
Nathaniel Hawk and Henry Peat[src]

Henry Peat was a pirate who sailed on the infamous ship called the Black Pearl during the early 1600s. However, the supernatural incident which turned the ship's crew into the undead forced him to retire from piracy.


Nothing is known about Peat's early life, except that he came to the Caribbean around the early 1600s and joined the crew of the pirate frigate called the Black Pearl. For years he sailed on the Pearl, participating in many raids and battles, collecting gold and all sorts of loot.

However, when the crew found some ancient gold coins of Aztec origin, the gold turned the pirates against each other. The best of them were killed in many duels, while Peat and several of his shipmates were marooned on a deserted island and left to die.

Peat and his marooned colleagues managed to return to civilization, but the rest of the crew was cursed by that gold. They became the walking dead, looking like normal men during the day, but living skeletons under the moonlight.

Soon, Peat retired from piracy and settled in a small shack in the French colony of Falaise de Fleur. He never touched a weapon again and started reading a Bible and going to church.

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