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Hector Barbossa wearing his bicorne hat.

This hat was a black and gold bicorne worn by Hector Barbossa during his time as a privateer in King George II's court. A Royal Navy officer's hat, it was sometimes worn over Barbossa's powdered wig.


At some point after the War Against Piracy, the Black Pearl was attacked by Blackbeard, during which time Barbossa would have lost many things: the Pearl, his right leg, even his favorite old black hat. After the attack, Barbossa accepted a Royal Pardon and became a privateer serving under King George II. It was during this time that Barbossa began to wear more elegant clothes, including a black and gold bicorne hat,[1] which he would sometimes wear over a powdered wig. He wore this hat throughout the quest for the Fountain of Youth, from being in St. James's Palace to aboard the HMS Providence to the moment he killed the infamous pirate Blackbeard.[2]

After defeating Blackbeard, Barbossa returned to piracy when he climbed aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge. He abandoned his privateer garb, though he was hatless until the Cabin Boy found Barbossa's old hat below deck, which Barbossa wore in his further adventures.



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