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"It's been a long time since you taught me how to be a pirate, Jack! And since then I've learned every trick in the book!"
―Hawkins to Jack Sparrow[src]

Hawkins was a pirate and contemporary of Jack Sparrow prior to the incident at Isla de Muerta. Hawkins sailed with Jack and learned much about piracy from him.


"I'll cut that ridiculous mop of hair off your head one strand at a time, Jack!"
―Hawkins to Jack Sparrow[src]

Hawkins seemed to enjoy his adventures with Jack Sparrow—at least, at the time—and thought nothing of holding a "pretty lady" to ransom and sharing the plunder with Sparrow. Jack taught Hawkins the ways of piracy, and Hawkins remained indebted to his mentor even in later years, though also boasted that he had learned "every trick in the book" since.

The two pirates parted ways at some point, though were reunited under less friendly circumstances in Tortuga following the first death of Hector Barbossa. Hawkins had kidnapped Elizabeth Swann, and Jack engaged his former shipmate in single combat to save her. Though Sparrow claimed that he was a better swordsman than his opponent, Hawkins proved he had refined his skills over the years, and took the advantage in the duel.

However, acting upon William Turner's suggestion that a pirate's victory comes through cheating, Jack kicked Hawkins in the gut and toppled a drunken patron of the Faithful Bride off a balcony and on top of Hawkins. Both drunkard and pirate landed in a patch of mud, and Jack claimed his victory. He learned Elizabeth's location from Hawkins in time to witness her escape, having given up hope of being rescued.


"There's a lot more to pirating than fancy swordsmanship, mate. A good pirate has to be resourceful. And yes, even sneaky! Not to mention charming and ruggedly handsome -- all qualities that you, sadly, are lacking!"
Jack Sparrow to Hawkins[src]

Hawkins appeared to be a somewhat flambouyant pirate, commonly wearing a large, purple tricorne, a black waistcoat over a white shirt, and baggy purple trousers encircled by a belt and a length of red fabric. He wore his long hair in a ponytail and sported a long, thin moustache with a pointed, black beard. During his duel with Jack Sparrow, Hawkins had an eyepatch over his left eye, and two large, golden earrings.

He carried a cutlass, and often made expansive, flamouyant gestures while duelling, seemingly an indicator of his skill with the blade. He appeared to hold a measure of disdain for Jack's appearance, branding his hairstyle as "ridiculous", and took delight in cutting off a strand of his beaded hair during their duel.


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