This article is about the captain killed by Ian Mercer. You may be looking for Hawkins, a pirate taught by Jack Sparrow.
Hawkins death
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1720s, in Port Royal's shipyard



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Weatherby Swann

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Dead Man's Chest

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Dead Man's Chest


Killed by Ian Mercer.[1]

"I've arranged passage to England. The captain is a friend of mine."
"No! Will's gone to find Jack!
Weatherby Swann and Elizabeth Swann[src]

Hawkins was a captain operating at the time of Lord Cutler Beckett's arrival to Port Royal. He was a friend of Governor Weatherby Swann's at the time Elizabeth Swann was imprisoned and was to help them to escape from Port Royal, but was murdered by Beckett's assistant and spy Ian Mercer.

Biography Edit

"What's happening, father?"
"There are still men loyal to me here. A ship is waiting. I have arranged a passage to England and sent a letter to the King, detailing what has happened here.
Elizabeth Swann and Weatherby Swann[src]

After Lord Cutler Beckett took control of Port Royal, Governor Swann struck a deal with Captain Hawkins in order to secure passage back to England for his daughter. Beckett foresaw this action, however, and had Ian Mercer intercept Hawkins. Mercer murdered the captain by stabbing him in the chest, and found about his person a letter to the King of England written by—and thus incriminating—Governor Swann.[1]

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