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"May I please have a drink, please?"
"Show me your silver."
"Silver? How about a trade? Give me the bottle!
Jack Sparrow and Grimes[src]

Grimes was the owner of the Grimes Pub in Saint Martin in 1751.

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At some point in his life, Grimes became the owner of a tavern in Saint Martin. One rainy day an unknown man covered in mud entered the tavern and demanded a drink. When Grimes asked him to show some silver the stranger didn't have any money. However, the stranger offered a trade, putting his compass on the counter. The compass began to shake and rattle, but before the stranger could take it back, Grimes took it and gave him a bottle of rum. Through unknown circumstances, this compass would be transferred from Grimes to the sea witch Shansa.[1] His further fate is unknown.

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