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Gordon Greer
Gordon Greer
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June Greer (sister)



Ship(s) captained or crewed

Black Pearl


British Royal Navy (formerly)
Brethren Court

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online


Gordon Greer was a crew member of the Black Pearl in the 1740s.

Biography Edit

Gordon Greer was once a proud and able Ensign of the British Royal Navy, after a particularly harsh lashing for a minor infraction, Greer figured he'd try life as a pirate. It couldn't be much worse than life in the Royal Navy he thought, and it was certainly more profitable. With his mind set, Greer found passage to Tortuga and signed on with the Black Pearl, proving his worth on several occasions. Shortly after the crew of the Pearl disbanded, Greer frittered away whatever gold he had in few short days. Ultimately, his poor financial planning brought him to the doorstep of his youngest sister, June. Hat in hand, Gordon begged June for a place to stay. He told her it was, "only until me fortunes return," June however, knew better - since this wasn't the first time her brother came calling. Tired of providing for her scandalous sibling, June reported Gordon to the Naval authorities and collected a handsome reward. Lieutenant Peter Blakeley was the arresting officer that fateful day and the Lieutenant not only captured Greer, but he also caught the eye of June - who was also smitten with the young officer. Although the initial charges against Greer were dropped because of "lack of proof," June and Lt. Blakeley conspired to keep Greer in the stocks until he repented of his wicked way. You'll meet Gordon Greer inside Fort Charles, while on your Quest to round up the Black Pearl crew. Greer is the second crewman of the Black Pearl you'll need to locate in the Black Pearl story chapter. To get Greer released, you'll need to convince (in addition to a few other tasks) Lt. Blakeley that Gordon has gone straight. Honestly, Greer will most likely return to his life of larceny - in fact, Captain Sparrow's counting on it.

Appearances Edit

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