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Gil Derga
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Jack Sparrow

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

"Errr... Teague can have quite the temper. I would hate for 'im to find out who revealed his whereabouts."
―Giladoga to a pirate[src]

Gil Derga was a pirate in the Caribbean. When he met captain Jack Sparrow, he was too full of grog to pronounce his given name, and Jack nicknamed him Giladoga.

Biography Edit

"I'm in need of a few things. An Undead Whitchdoctor took my favorite crab recipe. Recover it for me, along with some o' that sweet crab meat, of course."
―Gil Derga to a pirate[src]

Gil Derga was a pirate with plenty of nautical miles his belt. He has seen it all, done it all, and fought them all. To him, it's not about pillaging and plundering anymore—it's about his personal obsession—finding the final resting place of his hero, the notorious pirate of old, Will Parker.

Ole Will Parker is the reason why Gil became a buccaneer. Will Parker's crucial role in the raid on Cádiz, Spain, led by Sir Francis Drake himself, made Parker a pirate among pirates. He sailed away a rich man, and hadn't much need for pirating after that. Will Parker lived like a King and did as he pleased which is what most pirates want, being the lazy folks they are. Finding the location of Parker's final resting place is what motivates Gil. Some says it was in Java, others say it's a remote island off the coast of Africa. But there's a hint on a soiled old map in Giladoga's possession suggesting Parker's bones are buried on Tortuga.

Gil also spends his time at the Ratskellar Tavern on Padres Del Fuego. He is a smuggler by profession. Despite his friendship with Jack Sparrow, he has no qualms about dealing with the "dark side". This was evidenced when the Casa de Muertos had acquired his help for finding the location of the Lost weapons of Spanish Conquistador El Patron.

Appearances Edit

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