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This article is about the ship type. You may be looking for the POTC storybook of the same name.
Pearl fleeingCropped

The Black Pearl, a cursed ghost ship.

"Davy real?"
"He is. He sails on some kind of ghost ship. The
Flying Dutchman."
Esmeralda and Jack Sparrow[src]

A ghost ship was a derelict vessel found adrift with its crew missing or dead, or a ghostly cursed ship crewed by the undead.


Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman.

According to a legend of Davy Jones, as a result of abandoning his duty of ferrying souls, Jones was doomed to cruise the oceans forever aboard the Flying Dutchman, which turned into a well-known ghostly vessel.[1] The Dutchman haunted the seven seas, where Jones would offer drowning mariners the chance to live by joining his crew[2], though its crewmembers would eventually be a part of the ship itself. A terrible beast known as the Kraken brought Jones ever more souls onto his cursed ship, dead sailors forever impressed into servitude.[3]

After his beloved merchant ship sank beneath the depths, Jack Sparrow made a deal with Davy Jones to raise the ship from the bottom of the ocean. The Wench emerged a ghost ship, her sails tattered and her hull blackened, which by reason Jack would rename her the Black Pearl.[4] When Hector Barbossa's crew fell under the Aztec curse, the Black Pearl became a vessel that haunted the Caribbean.[5]

The Graveyard of Ships at the bottom of the sea was full of cursed ghost ships. This haunted place was always guarded by the undead servants of Davy Jones. When Jack Sparrow and Samuel Rackham came here to steal the Black Heart, they accidentally brought one of the ghost ships to the surface. The haunted vessel was immediately attacked by a nearby Royal Navy ship.[6]

A pair of identical warships was built for the Spanish Navy, the San Pablo and the San Miguel. The two ships were the pride of Spanish Navy, but during the night of the full moon, both ships disappeared without a trace. However, according to legends, the vanished ships would reappear from time to time, pursuing other ships, and every pursuit would end with the sinking of every captured vessel. Because of these legends, the San Pablo and the San Miguel became known as the Condenados, the Damned.[7]

The Armada of the Damned was a well-known fleet of ghost ships during the first half of the 18th century.[8] During the War of Jolly Roger, Jolly Roger's fleet was composed of ghost ships raised from the sea bottom, and led by the most terrifying of them all, the infamous Harkaway.[9]

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