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Ghost ship French
French Ghost Ships
Career information
Port of registry

Ille D'Etable De Porc (formerly)
Isla Cangrejos


Jolly Roger
Undead French


Undead French Capitaines

Technical information

War Sloop


8 deck guns
12 broadside cannons


Jolly Roger's Army
French Navy (formerly)
Pierre le Porc (formerly)

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Latest appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

French Blood Scourge is the most powerful ship in the French Ghost Fleet. This ghostly sloop is maned by Undead French, French privateers killed during the War of Garcia and Pierre, and later resurrected by cursed pirate captain Jolly Roger. She can be found around Isla Cangrejos, gaurding the island from the British Royal Navy, East India Trading Company and other armies, including pirates.


The French Blood Scourge uses Fiery shots and Explosive round shots to keep its enemies at bay.


Released into Pirates of the Caribbean Online in 28 May 2008.



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