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"France is a lot more gray and shapeless than I though it would be."
"That's the fog.
Jack Sparrow and Jean Magliore[src]

The Kingdom of France was a country south of England and east of Spain. Its capital was Paris. In the Age of Piracy, France was a leading colonial power. It owned many colonies in the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa. It also had the world's second strongest navy.

Marseilles was the trading capital of France, where Capitaine Chevalle, Pirate Lord of the Mediterranean Sea hailed from.

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French Empire

French Empire 18th century

  • In the Pirates of the Caribbean Online video game, the modern French flag is displayed on the French privateer island Ille D'Etable De Porc, instead of the one from the 18th century. This could either be a mistake by the developers or it could even be Pierre le Porc's personal flag. The flag he uses was not used by France until the French Revolution (1789-1795) when the monarchy was overpowered by revolutionaries.

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